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NL Yoga, contact improvisation, choreography......

Souvereniteit en breekbaarheid
Transformatie van het lichaam/de ruimte
Onder leiding van Sandra Schöll, Christina Sutter en Rebekka Reich.
18 & 19 juli van 11 tot 17 uur.
Prijs: 50 euro / red. 40 euro
Maa 18 Jul

We start with a technical warm-up using elements from contemporary dance techniques and focussing the movements of the spine.
As a starting point we use pictures reflecting cultural images of the female and male body as you can find them in fashion magazines. Theses pictures show the body in recurring positions. We work on imitating and copying them as well as on researching on sovereignity as a physical state. Then, we work on transforming these positions of cultural images into movement and into space and researching on fragility as a physical state.
How do both physical states relate to each other, how can we communicate the difference to the spectator? How can the special arrangement lights, projection, etc. support or contrast the physical statement?

Sandra Schöll Germany studies dance and choreography in Freiburg/ Germany, Amsterdam and New York.

Christina Sutter CH studied dance and choreography in Winterthur/ CH.

The two of them spend three weeks at Bains::Connective researching for the piece “reflecting female bodies”.
05 10 2005

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